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Monday, August 31, 2015

spreading joy of youth's worldwide metacollabration networks

Youth and Yunus 10000 ambassador movementother youth metacollabration movements redefining sustainability as 2016-2025 youths most exciting and productive decade

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

open space lunch baltimores authorised faith circles february 2016

at a general level a primary question seems to be how can baltimre help brookyln and john kiel's greatest intergenerational investments in areas such as music maths tech apps and what the rich and famous can be nudged into wanting to joyfully sponsor

if i understand where editors of  becks value systems  and  mathematicians, they see man's current war with nature whereas cantor emmanuel sees it more as a grand challenge to redesign communities around spending enough time to celebrate gods children- manny is also the trained psychotherapist among us
my number 1 agenda is always how to get amy a job and a visa to progress what harrison calls her own way and which friends hope will linkin his goal of redefining sustainability as all youths most exciting and productive decade  ( i am baissed because my fathers life work on end-povert entrepreneurial movements at The Economist produced a 1984 book: the 2025 report making the same wish for 2016 to 2025 -if we had messed everything else up only chinese female millennials were likely to have the guts to bring all under 30s together in time)

need to rehearse story of china to send 10000th youth ambassador ti match 15 micocreditsummit in UAE

it may be best to rereview conscious capitalism and women4empowerment recommendations specific to amy  is in a separate meeting after lunch- i dont understand why amy work helping to reshape emerald planet as the number 1 green channel got messed by elders in florida at a time when desperate searches were going on with kenyas youth and don becks alumni at MI

back to joint interests of manny and kiehl they seem to intersect on such compasses as 
apps for music therapy
don beck's 7 conflict resolution colors for editing why societies have terrifyingly different views/behaviours of the world unless youth and parents can get in the middle of mediating this on the ground (eg why lucknow is the unesco's only authorised childrens peace curricula) instead of spending so much on addictive and fearsome tv ads and aggressive video games

john and manny may diverge wherever johns groups want to massively celebrate what youth tech wizards could redesign (small not big) and the way john and manny network across summits associated with the united nations seems very different at a social action level

so there is a question of how does kings conscious capitalism twinning dc and baltimore and san diego fit this

2 of john and manny biggest hitters are san diego based
mackey is a key leader of king and john and don beck's work
john wanted to study how to restore black for black banking

everyone needs the vaticans global youth community so that the energy of the half of the world that is under 30 can produce sustainable futures even as this means transforming all the broken systems that elders have accidentally globally trapped millennials in

anyone who believes that the planet can be sustained without china friendships isnt on same planet as me- whats interesting is whether families who live in new york and dc-baltimore region can finally take back development futures joyfully from all the mad advertsied lobby groups that have so decimated democracy that it is hard to find any spaces for oyuth  where freedom of speech is whole and true and actionable in  hardwork and worthwhile experiential open learning  -peer to peer networks